Ethos Guarantee

Diamonds and pearls purchased from Ethos are examined prior to shipment to ensure they match the description provided online and in the accompanying GIA certificate.  Ethos guarantees that the diamond and/or pearls you receive will be exactly as represented in the GIA report.  If not, Ethos will refund your entire purchase price, plus 10% of the purchase price!

Ethos does not operate retail locations, which allows us to cut overhead costs and focus exclusively on quality and service – providing you with a high quality product at a much better value than your local jewelry store.

Ethos guarantees that your jewellery will appraise for a retail value equal to or greater than the purchase price when appraised by a qualified, independent appraiser. If it does not, contact us within 5 days of receipt ethos will refund your entire purchase price.

You will receive this guarantee in writing with your diamond / pearl purchase.